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Uni of Lincoln | They’re Ready, Are You?

Created an energetic video for the University of Lincoln, selling out open days for 2023/24 and boosting engagement across social media, TV, and cinemas.


The UoL has its sights set on being a top 40 University, but to climb up those rankings, they need to draw in the more prospective students. They needed a video that would do more than just show off the campus; it had to get students excited to come and see it all for themselves.


We aimed to create a sense of FOMO among prospective students, so we designed a narrative that was upbeat, energetic, and carried a ‘with or without you’ vibe. This approach was intended to make viewers feel an urge to be part of something bigger. To achieve this, we filmed multiple scenes across campus featuring a variety of exciting subjects, all edited to a rhythmic beat. Cinematic visuals with contrasting lighting, engaging close-ups, and a modern soundtrack kept viewers hooked, showcasing characters who were clearly having the time of their lives!


The film helped the University of Lincoln sell out all their open days for the 2023/24 academic year! Applicants engaged with the video online through a paid social campaign, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and organic channels. The film was also featured on TV and in cinemas across the country, leading to a significant positive return on investment.

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“Wallbreaker has produced several videos for us at the University of Lincoln, ranging from a cinema advert to online promotional content. The team is a joy to work with, very professional and they communicate excellently in the run-up to filming days. We're very impressed with the quality of the videos they create and would recommend them to any business, authority, or organisation.”

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