VIAVI | The VIAVI Fibre Ninja Revolution

Transformed VIAVI's marketing approach with a 3D 'Fibre Ninja' character, amassing over 250,000 views and slashing cost per lead by 90%. The videos are now central to sales pitches, contributing over $1 million in sales.


Despite having the best fibre testing products on the market, VIAVI lacked a cohesive and compelling narrative to showcase their extensive range. They needed a creative overhaul to their marketing approach, one that would bring their ‘Fibre Ninja’ character to life and tell their story with impact.


Transforming the 2D ‘Fibre Ninja’ into a fully 3D character, we gave VIAVI a versatile mascot capable of demonstrating their services in any setting. Our narrative followed an engineer whose work was revolutionised by the guidance of the Fibre Ninja, making tasks quicker, accurate, and more profitable. This character not only grew VIAVI’s online brand presence but also injected humour into heavy technical demonstrations.


The campaign was a triumph, amassing over 250,000 views from a targeted audience and slashing the cost per lead by a staggering 90%. The videos have become a cornerstone of VIAVI’s sales pitches, contributing to over $1 million in sales and significantly extending their marketing reach.

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